Shed Permits In Missouri 

Are you planning to purchase a storage shed or a garage shed but unsure about the necessary pre-steps for obtaining shed permission before completing your purchase? At Premier Barns, we aim to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transaction without any headaches.

Building Permits vs. Shed Permits: Understanding the Difference

Building permits and shed permits are terms that often confuse people, leading to questions about their differences. Are they the same, or do these permits vary from one another? When searching for shed permits on Google, building permits are more commonly seen in the results. This is because the term ‘shed permits’ falls under the broader category of building permits. Various states or counties may use either ‘building permits’ or ‘shed permits’ terminologies. In essence, you can follow the procedural steps for both types of permits.

Shed Permit

Securing a shed permit is the initial prerequisite in Missouri before embarking on the purchase of a shed. While smaller shed sizes may not necessitate a shed permit, obtaining a shed permit  becomes imperative for larger sheds in the state of Missouri.

Maximum Shed Size Without Permit

While shed permit regulations may vary between cities and counties in Missouri, the general rule is that sheds smaller than 120 square feet do not require a permit. Therefore, shed sizes such as 6×8, 8×10, 8×12, and 10×10 are exempt from the permit requirement in this instance.

Size of the Shed Does not Require Permits in MOArea in sq ft

How Much Does A Shed Permit Cost in MIssouri?

Given the unique shed permit regulations in each city and county, it is advisable to inquire with your local municipal or county authorities to determine the specific cost associated with shed permits in your area. For sheds smaller than 120 sq ft, no permit is required, and consequently, no fees apply. However, for sheds exceeding 120 sq ft, obtaining a shed permit may be necessary, and the associated costs will vary based on the size of your structure.

What Requires a Shed Permit in Missouri?

Since each municipality has its own regulations, different areas may require varying compliance measures. The most reliable way to determine the shed permit requirements is to contact your local authority. You can either visit their website to access information on the shed permit process online or call and speak with an agent for comprehensive details about the procedure.

Here are some steps you may need to take when obtaining a shed permit.

  • Contact Local Authorities
  • Visit Official Websites
  • Consult Zoning Codes
  • Talk to Building Inspectors
  • Check with Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)

How Long Does It Take to Get Shed Permits in Missouri?

In many cities and counties across Missouri, acquiring a shed permit typically requires a processing time of 10-15 workdays. It is crucial to note that the shed permit must be issued in the name of the owner. Furthermore, the permit should be visibly posted at the project site for the entire duration of the construction period.

How Long Does a Shed Permit Last In Missouri?

Upon the issuance of a shed permit, the construction must commence within 180 days. In the state of Missouri, any interruption in shed construction activities for more than 180 consecutive days is not permissible. Should this specified timeframe be exceeded, an extension may be evaluated for approval.

What Happens If You Build Without a Permit in Missouri?

Constructing without permits in Missouri can result in legal action, fines, and penalties for violating building codes. Stop-work orders may be issued, causing delays until permits are obtained. Fines aim to deter non-compliance, impacting timelines and incurring extra costs. Non-compliance can affect resale value, and safety hazards may arise, posing risks to occupants and neighbors.

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Shed Permits in Selected Cities We Serve in Missouri

At Premier Barns, we proudly extend our services to numerous cities in Missouri, including Columbia and Kansas City. To enhance your experience, we would like to provide you with valuable assistance by sharing a link to shed permit information. Learn how to obtain necessary shed permits before finalizing your purchase by visiting the provided link.

Shed Permits in St. Joseph, MO

Shed permits are thoroughly explained on their website. By clicking the provided link, you can access all the necessary information. Shed Permit Detail.

Shed Permits in Jefferson City, MO

Getting a shed permit in Jefferson City, MO is simple and clear thanks to international building codes. Just visit their website, review the process, and apply for your permit. Shed Permit Detail

Shed Permits in Kansas City, MO 

If you reside in Kansas City, here is the link where you can find detailed information about obtaining shed permits. Shed Permit Detail.

Shed Permits in Warrensburg, MO

In Warrensburg, the submission of shed permit applications is facilitated through the City’s user-friendly online permit portal. To initiate the process, kindly register by clicking the provided link on the right side of this screen. Shed Permit Detail.

Shed Permits in Sedalia, MO

The website for Sedalia, MO offers a comprehensive and easily understandable guide to the shed permit process, presenting a detailed, step-by-step explanation. Shed Permit Detail.

Shed Permits in Columbia, MO

Obtain shed permits in Columbia, MO with ease by creating an online account to effortlessly upload required documents for a seamless application. Shed Permit Detail.

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In conclusion, navigating the shed permit process in Missouri is crucial for a hassle-free shed purchase. Understanding the distinctions between building permits and shed permits is essential, with shed sizes smaller than 120 square feet generally exempt from permits. It’s advisable to check with local authorities for specific regulations and associated costs, as they may vary. Acquiring a shed permit typically takes 10-15 workdays, and construction must commence within 180 days of issuance. Our commitment to service extends to various cities, including Columbia and Kansas City, where we provide valuable assistance in obtaining shed permits. Visit our provided links for detailed information on shed permits in specific cities, ensuring a smooth and compliant shed construction process.


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