cabin built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Versatile and Made to Last

Tired of not having enough room for your things, or wishing you could have a separate workshop? Maybe you know you want a shed but don’t know if the hassle is worth the benefits. We want to offer you your dream storage cabin or livable cabin through a simple and stress-free buyer’s process. See the different styles we have below, or check out our inventory of premade sheds available in northern, MO and eastern KS.

cabin built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Highwall Lofted Cabin

Looking for a small but extremely spacious cabin with lots of storage and organizational capabilities? Check out these Highwall Lofted cabins for sale in MO and eastern KS. The barn-style roof gives extra room for us to build a loft into the cabin. 

cabin built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Standard Cabin

If you prefer the more classy appearance of a traditional roof design, our standard cabin for sale in MO and eastern KS will fit your style. You can even add a porch or customize windows, doors, and colors to give your getaway the exact feel you are looking for.

triagular shapes

Design Your Own

Get creative with our 3D Shed Builder and design your own custom cabin!

Simple Creativity

Make a shed your own with our various options and features. We want you to love your storage cabin for years to come. 

Delivery Service

Based in Richmond, MO, we offer FREE delivery and setup within 100 miles of our manufacturing base. This covers northern MO and eastern KS. Beyond that, we will charge a slight fee for delivery. While most portable building companies deliver free up to 50 miles, we strive to make getting your shed as easy and simple for you as possible.

Other Buildings

building built by Premier Barns in Missouri and Kansas


Maximize your storage, head space with one of our barns and its traditional, barn-style roof. Add ramps, shelves, doors and more to meet your needs.

building built by Premier Barns in Missouri and Kansas


Protect your belongs or gain extra workspace. Choose the style, size, number of windows and doors, and more so it meets all your needs!

structure built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Other Structures

Besides our sheds and barns, we also offer durable picnic retreat pavilions and animal run-in shelters. Make it fit your perfectly fit your property but customizing its features.

Why Premier Barns?

Simple And Easy

Many building services are made complicated but our goal is to make it as simple and not overwhelming as possible for you to achieve your dreams.

Free 100 Mile Delivery

Most of the companies we know offer only 50 mile free delivery but we have increased ours to 100 miles in our attempt to make our services the most convenient around.

Quality and Protection

Even though we trust that our buildings are durable and will last you a lifetime, we ensure them with a 10 year warranty so you can have peace of mind as well.

Locally Made

Support your community as we (a local business) serve you and strive to bring quality service to Missouri and Kansas. Invest in your local economy first!

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We can't wait to hear from you and begin work on your building! Simply request a quote or give us a call when you're ready. if you need more time, why not download our brochure, or sign up for our emails?