Lofted Barns

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lofted barn built by Premier Barns in Missouri and Kansas

All the Storage Space You Wanted

If you are looking for extra storage to cut down on stressful clutter or protect supplies, this lofted shed style may be perfect for you. With its barn style roof, the lofted barn shed adds a homestead touch to your backyard. We understand that efficiency is key, which is why this barn shed also features a loft, increasing organizational and storage capabilities. We also understand that you may be overwhelmed with practical steps of trying to get a building, which is why we have simplified the steps to having a shed arrive in your backyard.

Simple Steps To Getting Your Building

Choose Your Lofted Shed

Prepare Your Lot And Let Us Deliver

Enjoy Your Shed And Extra Space

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Standard Features

  • 6′ Double Door
  • Loft
  • Treated Runner & Joists (16″ o/c)
  • 3/4″ Tongue and Groove AdvanTech Flooring (or similar) with 50 year warranty
  • 2×4 Premium Grade Interior Framing
  • 40 year Steel Siding
  • Diamond Tread Plate

Additional Options

  • 20 Different Colors
  • Different Styles of Doors
  • Ramps
  • Shelving
  • Shutters
  • Electrical Packages
  • Additional Windows
  • And more!

Available Lofted Barn Sizes For Sale

10×1612×2414×2816×2416′ widths
10×2012×2814×3216×28($26.50/ sq. ft.)

Delivery Service

Our 100 mile FREE delivery is uncommon for most shed companies.  Most other places, you will be offered free delivery within 50 miles. Take advantage of our unique services for northern MO and eastern KS. We would love to serve you!

lofted barn built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Highwall Lofted Barn

Highwall lofted barns provide the most storage room for a building with a barn style roof. 

mini barn built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Mini Barn

With a barn-style roof, mini barns have maximized storage for their smaller dimensions, making them good standard storage additions.

lofted cabin built by Premier Barns in Missouri

Highwall Lofted Cabin

This style of cabin has a barn-style roof which maximizes head room and loft space.

Why Premier Barns?

Simple And Easy

Many building services are made complicated but our goal is to make it as simple and not overwhelming as possible for you to achieve your dreams.

Free 100 Mile Delivery

Most of the companies we know offer only 50 mile free delivery but we have increased ours to 100 miles in our attempt to make our services the most convenient around.

Quality and Protection

Even though we trust that our buildings are durable and will last you a lifetime, we ensure them with a 10 year warranty so you can have peace of mind as well.

Locally Made

Support your community as we (a local business) serve you and strive to bring quality service to Missouri and Kansas. Invest in your local economy first!

Get A Free Quote

We can't wait to hear from you and begin work on your building! Simply request a quote or give us a call when you're ready. if you need more time, why not download our brochure, or sign up for our emails?